Learn MorePharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ contains clinically tested ingredients that have been found to boost metabolism, increase energy levels and much more.

Clinically Tested Ingredients Found To:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost metabolism in a safe way
  • Promote suppression and control of appetite
  • Maximize diet and exercise results
  • Provide thermogenics effects for increased fat burning
  • Detoxify the body and create a feeling of general wellness
  • Be safe for people with high blood pressure
  • Regulate insulin / sugar levels
  • Reduce the amount of fat in your system
  • Rid the body of excess fluids
  • Block carbohydrates from being introduced to your system

Benefits May Include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Overall feeling of general wellness

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Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™

An All-Natural Diet Aid That Helps You Lose Weight

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ has been formulated, manufactured and tested by Pharmacists for optimum results and effectiveness.

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ contains Citrimax, a patented and all-natural substance used to promote satiety at lower doses and fat burning and weight loss at higher doses


Only 1 Pill 15-30 Minutes Before Any Meal

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ has been tested for bioavailability to ensure total absorption into your system.

Many diet pills on the market are loaded with various stimulants, such as caffeine, ephedrine and phentermine, which can be harmful to healthy people and possibly deadly to people with heart conditions.

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ contains NO STIMULANTS! That's right, NO STILUMANTS! You can take Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula and not have the jitters or shakes associated with many diet pills.

Are you tired of having your heart race when you try a diet pill? Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ does not have "speedy" ingredients.

100% Safe and Natural

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ is Stimulant-Free

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Many of the unwanted effect of diet aids, such as jitters and insomnia, are caused by the stimulants found in those products. Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ is stimulant-free and is 100% safe and natural. Most people will not experience any problems while taking Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™. However, anyone with health problems and/or taking medication should consult a doctor before taking Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™

Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ will not only help you to lower your weight but also reduce body fat and increase overall energy and vitality.


I have diabetes and needed to get my weight down and was able to do so with Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™. Since it has no stimulants in it I was able to take it with no side effects, and that to me is important.

-Frank C. PA

Since I started taking Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ I have lost more weight than with any other diet pill ever and even started to buy more form fitting clothes. I’m not embarrassed about my body anymore, I look and feel great. Thanks!

-Linda K. WV

Finally, a diet pill that is not full of things that make my heart race. I can take these pills knowing that I will not suffer from any jitters or shakes. Since I’ve been taking Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ my blood pressure has gone back to normal levels and my weight is manageable. I’m back to enjoying life and my family. I have made sure to tell everyone I know about this product.

-Gary M. TN

If someone told me about a non-stimulant diet pill that actually worked I would think they were lying. As it turns out one does exist, it’s Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula™ and I have been able to lose all my pregnancy weight and keep it off. My friends are shocked when I tell them how easy it was to look this good.

- Julie M. IL